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Super Heavy Duty Energy Saving Chiller

Super Heavy Duty Inverter Chiller Series

※1 During operation when the cooling water temperature is 20℃ and the ambient temperature is 32℃ . Cooling capacity will be at least 95% of the noted figures.

※2 Source voltage phase unbalance should be less than ± 3%

※3 The figure noted is when the equipment is operating at the highest capacity of its normal operating range.

※4 Stable load indicates continued operation with maximum load fluctuations of ± 10% of the current load.(However, this excludes cases where the electronic capacity control valve cycles on and off.) The setting can be changed by adjusting parameter F15 (Default value: High-accuracy setting.)

※5 Operating noise levels are from a position of 1m in front of the unit and at a height of 1m

※6 Unit comes with a built-in multi-purpose overload and short circuit protection breaker.

Note 1: Please install the included strainer (40 mesh) to the fluid intake port.

Note 2: The chilled fluid can be either potablewater or a low concentration ethylene glycol water solution of 10% or less. 

Note 3: Heat output of the equipment (in kW) is about 1.3 times the cooling capacity. (air cooled models only)