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PAP Mini -Light Duty Series Air Cooled


Air Cooled

※1 The temperature control range noted does not necessarily indicate the actual controllable range possible. The range of temperature control depends on the condition of the air supplied at the intake.

※2 When the air temperature and humidity is stable at the air intake. Noted accuracy is based on measurement by the internal controller at a single air outlet point. Air flow at max. rated value.

※3 The noted external static pressure is when the controlled air is regulated at the outlet to produce the maximum rated processing air flow.

※4 Height includes outlet port.

※5 Operating at the highest level of humidification within the specified operating range.

※6 Source voltage phase unbalance should be less than ± 3%

※7 Maximum value within the range of unit specifications.

※ 8 The figure noted is when the equipment is operating at the highest capacity of its normal operating range.

※ 9 Noise level can be decreased by installing a noise reducing duct .