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ORION Light-Duty Water Tank RKS-J Series

Chiller RKS - J Series

※1 Operating conditions: Chilled water temp. : 20°C , Ambient temp. : 25°C . Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures. Heating capacity will differ deepening on operating conditions.

2 Source voltage phase unbalance should be less than ± 3%

3 The figure noted is when operating at the highest capacity in the normal operating range.

4 Continuous current load fluctuation within ± 10%, and with stable ambient temp. However does not include starting times or when the heat-load exceeds the chiller capacity.

5 Unit comes with a built-in overload protection breaker: NFB.

Note 1: Working fluid should be either clean water or a 40% or lower concentrated solution of industrial-use ethylene glycerol. 

Note 2: Heat output from the unit (in kW) is approx. 1.3 times that of the cooling capacity. 

Note 3: Depending on the operating environment, condensation may form on piping inside the product, and temporary leakage of water from the pump mechanical seals may also occur, therefore a drain pan should be installed if required.