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ORION Combination Pump CBF Series


※1 Models without motors are excluded. 

2 Designed Pumping Capacity: Theoretical value calculated from cylinder volume. Refer to Performance Data” for actual flow rate.

3 Usable vacuum (or exhaust pressure) range.

※4 “04” models are special order items.

5 Operating noise level measured on new pump with ORION recommended motor running at normal vacuum/pressure conditions.

※6 Recommended range of combined vacuum and pump pressures: less than 60. 7 Maximum vacuum/pressure per pump can be any combination of the following (vacuum/pressure): 55/20, 50/30, 40/40, or 35/50. The maximum vacuum/pressure of the dry pump indicates the maximum sustainable vacuum/pressure. Do not operate pump beyond this maximum value. Doing so can reduce the lifespan of the pump as well as result in breakdown or an accident. Please consult with your dealer regarding operation in extremely dry environments, as doing so may lead to pump damage. Allowable variation in power source voltage: 10% of rated voltage. When using other than the ORION standard motor, follow the electrical guidelines printed on the nameplate of the motor used. Install overload protection such as a thermal overload relay. Set the relay to 120% of current rating specified on the motor nameplate. See specification sheet for further details.