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ORION Direct Drive High Vacuum KHF Series


1 Designed Pumping Capacity: Theoretical value calculated from cylinder volume. Refer to “Performance Data” for actual flow rate.  

※2 Pump can be continuously operated at the maximum ultimate pressure.

3 Operating noise level measured on new pump with ORION recommended motor running under normal conditions

※ Please consult your dealer regarding continuous operation at levels on the dotted lines in the performance data charts.

※ Maximum operational pressure variation pulse: 13.3 kPa [abs] 

※ When ducting off exhaust, allowable back pressure from piping is 10 kPa (This pressure should not be used for any purpose)

※ Allowable ambient (intake air) conditions: temperature: 0~40°C, humidity: 65 20%

※ Due to high compression ratios, condensation is easy to form within high-vacuum pumps. Therefore the following measures should be taken to avoid trouble from rust due to condensation: During a trial run (operation of 5 minutes or less, such as momentary operation or a short test run) if the operating pressure goes above 48kPa[abs], then a dry run of 10 to 15 minutes should be made at a pressure of 48kPa[abs] at the vacuum side of the pump.

※ Allowable variation in power source voltage: 10% of rated voltage.

※ Install overload protection such as a thermal overload relay. Set the relay to the current rating specified on the motor nameplate.

※ Single phase models require pre-order. See specification sheet for further details.