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ORION Standard Pump KRF Series


※1 Models with single-phase motors and models without motors are excluded.

2 Designed Pumping Capacity: Theoretical value calculated from cylinder volume. Refer to “Performance Data” for actual flow rate.

3 Operation not allowed at ultimate vacuum. For model selection purposes only.

4 Usable vacuum (or exhaust pressure) range.

5 “04” models are special order items.

6 Operating noise level measured on new pump with ORION recommended motor running at normal vacuum/pressure conditions. Allowable ambient (intake air) conditions: temperature: 0 40 , humidity: 65 20%. Install overload protection such as a thermal overload relay. For specific setting of the relay, refer to current rating indicated on the motor’s specification plate. Set at 110% of the rated value for B and VB models. Allowable variation in power source voltage: 10% of rated voltage. See specification sheet for further details.