ORION Heavy Duty Air Cooled Chiller RKL Series


Water Tank

Heavy Duty Air Cooled Chiller

Unit Cooler RKL Series

※1 Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures.

※2 When fluid temperature is 20℃ and ambient temperature is 32℃

※3 The figure noted is when the equipment is operating at the highest capacity of its normal operating range.

※4 Fan motor static pressure is 20Pa

※5 Operating noise levels are from a position of 1m in front of the unit and at a height of 1m

Note 1: The chilled fluid can be either potable water or a low concentration ethylene glycerol water solution of 10% or less

Note 2: Heat output of the equipment (in kW) is about 1.3 times the cooling capacity. (air cooled models only)